Welcome to Term 4

Welcome back to all of our staff and students for Term 4. We have a huge term to get through before we finish for 2014. The students have all arrived back at school with renewed vigor and enthusiasm as have the staff. Watch this space for all of the up and coming events. The term planner will be sent home with the first newsletter of the term next week and will also be available on this website.

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Decorate a Door – National Literacy and Numeracy Week

001 collage (1) Every year we celebrate Book Week at Beeliar Primary School. This year Book Week was from 18-22 August. Each class studied a particular book over the course of the week, and decorated their classroom doors with artwork depicting that book, making sure that they left the title off.

The students did a fabulous job decorating their door. In National Literacy and Numeracy Week each class had the opportunity to walk through the school to view, predict the book title and vote for the best door for each block. The tallies from each class were collected and the winning classes were announced at the assembly in Week 6.


Athletics Carnival

 The Athletics Carnival will be held on Thursday 18 September – on the first try this year. In the event that the weather is not safe to conduct the Carnival then we will attempt to give you as much notice as possible. The back-up day is one week later on Thursday 25 September.

To ensure that the day runs smoothly and our Duty of Care responsibilities are upheld we ask that you assist us with following the Stand Tall Protocols.  

 Parents are:

  • Asked not to enter the faction bays on the day. Please make sure that your child has everything the need before the carnival including school hats, sunscreen, and healthy snacks and water for recess.
  • Invited to take photos while the races are in progress and if their child is on the winner’s podium.
  • Asked to guide their children back to their faction bay once lunch has finished.
  • Asked to not pick up their children from the faction bays or try to take their children home before the presentations.
  • To get a green clearance pass from the scoring tent if your child needs to be collected early for appointments, etc.