Faction Athletics Carnival – Thursday 17 September

The Faction Carnival is upon us and the forecast for tomorrow is a lovely 26 degrees. To ensure that the day runs smoothly and our Duty of Care responsibilities are upheld we ask that you assist us with following the Stand Tall Protocols.   Parents are:

  • Asked not to enter the faction bays at any time on the day. Please make sure that your child has everything they need before the carnival commences including school hats, sunscreen, and healthy      snacks and water for recess
  • Invited to take photos while the races are in progress and if their child is on the winner’s podium. Please ensure that you stay behind the taped areas so that everyone gets a chance to photograph their children
  • Asked to guide their children back to their faction bay quickly once lunch has finished
  • Asked not to pick up their children from the faction bays or try to take their children home before the presentations
  • To get a clearance pass from the scoring tent if your child needs to be collected early to attend appointments etc.
  • To please leave dogs at home for the duration of the carnival to ensure the safety of all of our students

Below you will find the program which was sent home this week with students:

2015 Faction Carnival Schedule

Performing Arts – Year 3 – 6

Parents are invited to attend their child’s Performing Arts class during Week 10 this term. The performances will showcase the work done by the students with Ms Stephanie Madgwick during the year, with particular focus on the children’s involvement in interpreting, creating and acting around various novel studies throughout the year.
TA7 Thursday, 10.00am
TA8 Friday 9.00am
TA23 Thursday, 11.25am
TA13 Wednesday, 1.00pm
TA14 Wednesday, 2.00pm
TA11 Thursday, 1.00pm
TA12 Thursday, 2.00pm
TA15 Tuesday, 10.00am
TA16 Wednesday, 9.00am