School Photos – Kapture Photography

School photos will take place this term on Thursday 13 August and Friday 14 August. Envelopes went home this week. Please make sure that all students attend school in their full school uniform on these days.

All sibling photos are to be booked and paid for online at

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact the school administration office on 9437 5955.

Scientist of the Week – Astronomer

Science is all around us and is an important part of our everyday lives. There are many science fields, which help us to understand our environment and ourselves. In our lead up to Science Week, each week we will be introducing a new scientist to show how science has contributed to the way in which we live our lives.


astronautAstronomers study the entire universe. They learn about the earth, other planets, sun, moons, stars, galaxies and everything in between. Astronomers use sensitive radio telescopes to spot comets and asteroids and their potential to impact Earth. They investigate how galaxies and black holes are formed.
Astronomers plan voyages to other planets or to the moon and explain the mission to the public.