All Girls Multi-sport Carnival

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Last Friday we had 27 year 4-6 girls participate for the first time in the All Girls Multi-Sport Carnival, held at the Success Sporting Facility. 
Our three teams participated in round robin games of netball, cricket and football. Some of the schools our girls competed against were Aubin Grove and Success, among many others from across the South Fremantle District. 
All three teams had positive results throughout day, taking sheer delight in their wins and learning so much from their losses.
A couple of worthy mentions and notable players from all three teams were Sophie, Simone, Sabrina, Talia, Alana, Lily, Brooke, Caelee and Ashlee.
I’d like to give a massive shoutout to our three coaches throughout the day. 
Congratulations for their efforts, Sharon Parr, Kristie Towes and Mr Mort. They supported our girls incredibly and gave them so many opportunities to succeed and have fun during the event.
Our girls were extremely unfortunate to have these three individuals looking after them during the day. They played no small part in the successes our girls had.
From all reports, it was a superbly successful day and I’m very much looking forward to taking the next group of girls to 2018’s carnival.
Mr Adam Batt