Athletics Carnival Update…

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Hi everyone, what an exciting and eventful term that we have in front of us. One of the events on the term calendar is the PP-6 Athletics Carnival, scheduled to be held on September 1.
Our Year 4-6’s have already begun their training program and our PP/1’s and 2/3’s will be beginning theirs this week.
We will be putting a new initiative and competition in place in the lead up to our Athletics Carnival this year. On each of our training days (Tuesdays PP/1’s, Wednesday’s 2/3’s and Friday’s 4-6), our Faction Captains will be keeping a tally of how many students in each faction are wearing their faction top. Results will be kept and recorded throughout the term on a whiteboard and the winning faction will receive a trophy/shield at an assembly after the Faction Carnival. So ensure that students, on your Faction Training days, you’re wearing your faction t-shirt. Look bright, look bold and be proud to be in Amelia, Cambria, Edina or Maranda. 
Thanks and regards
Mr Adam Batt
PE Specialist