Creativity – Beeliar River

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Our creative right brains have been exploding all over the school last week.  In Power Hour we created colourful artwork to hang in the front office.  The explosion of colour and activity on the canvas shows how our right brains pop and crackle and explode like TNT every time we create.  We even put some popping candy on our tongues to ‘feel’ what our brains do when we create!

In readiness for our National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Celebration we have created an imaginary (there’s those creative brains again!) river to run through the centre of our school.  The name “Beeliar” is the Nyoongar translation for river. A river ran through this area 1000’s of years ago and our children have tied strips of ‘water’ onto a rope along the centre of our school to recreate this ancient waterway. 

Don’t forget to join us on the last day of school for our NAIDOC assembly and incursion in the morning and symbolic ‘River’ walk in the afternoon.