Expert Hour- Developing Expert Learners

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In 2020 Beeliar Primary School will be introducing Expert Hour.  This is dedicated time given to our students from Kindergarten to Year 6 to work on a project that develops their expertise in a subject.  It will look different in each year level according to developmental needs, but each child will be given the opportunity for problem solving, critical thinking and deep learning about their topic.
We want to engage and motivate our children to be deeply connected to their learning and to gain the confidence that all experts have when they know a topic thoroughly. Their projects will be displayed at our end of year Expo, where we will come together as a community to celebrate their learning and creativity.
We would like parents to be involved as much as you can in your child’s project and work with them to develop their understanding.  The projects can be as big or as small as your child likes.  The objective is to maximise engagement and motivation and allow our children to get into the “flow” of learning.  They will have freedom and independence (supported by their teacher) to explore their topic in whichever way they want to.
Your classroom teacher will be sending out information during the year about how Expert Hour will work in their classrooms. We are excited about this new initiative and can’t wait to see the creativity at our end of year Expo!
Please do not hesitate to contact me or your classroom teacher if you have any further queries. 

Mrs O’Donovan