Twinkl Champion School

Twinkl is the world’s largest online provider of teaching materials, resources and assessment needs that can be used from birth onward. They have over 2 million worldwide users, with many of them being from Australia. 

Twinkl Australia’s aim is to help assist and support Australian teachers with their planning, teaching and assessment resource materials as they are based around the Australian Curriculum content descriptors. Twinkl Australia loves connecting with local, and state wide schools so they can provide the best service to Australian teachers that they possibly can!

Twinkl’s resources are not only aimed at supporting Australian teachers, but also parents as well. Should you like to peruse their unique, teacher-created, planning and assessment materials and resources, please visit our website.  

The whole teaching staff here at Beeliar Primary School are happy and proud to be supported by Twinkl Australia.

Our latest Twinkl video

Beeliar Primary staff are passionate about what we do. We love so many things about being teachers and even though there are challenging elements to the profession, we rise above because we want the best for our students. 

We are a proud Twinkl Champion School and have used Twinkl resources in our classrooms to enrich our learning. This short video shows the staff answering a few questions about teaching and using Twinkl in the classroom. Enjoy! 

View ‘What do you find challenging about teaching’.