Health is taught from Pre-Primary to Year 6 by Mrs Muir. The goals of this educational program are:

  • To increase children’s awareness of healthy lifestyles, helping them to develop positive habits that will stay with them into adulthood.
  • To increase you’re a child’s health knowledge, promoting positive attitudes toward their own well-being and healthy be­haviour.

A range of concepts are covered which include Social and Emotional understanding using the Friendly Schools Program. Areas in the program include:

  • Sense of self, emotional awareness
  • Emotional regulation, resilience and self-motivation
  • Understanding and interpreting social situations
  • Developing positive relationship skills
  • Social information processing

The program also pro­vides an introduction to the human body and to factors that prevent illness and promote or damage health. Some of the topics throughout the year include: nutrition, disease prevention, physical growth and development, reproduction, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, consumer health, and personal safety (cross­ing streets, riding bikes, first aid, protective behaviours), using science based activities, technology (iPads and interactive games) to develop and strengthen understanding.

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