Our Chaplain Vaughan Willis, is in school on Mondays and Tuesdays. Our Chaplain helps to build a positive school culture by being involved with Stand Tall activities, by being present in school activities and classrooms to get to know staff and students and by running targeted initiatives and programs throughout the year when required.

Our Chaplain is also available to provide specific support to students, parents and staff as required. Our Chaplain has moved and when not in classrooms or part of school activities is based in the Parent Lounge. The parent lounge is opened each morning and has coffee and tea facilities available for parents to utilise.

Formal support from the chaplain for students is through a referral process, your child’s classroom teacher will help you with this process. Parents are welcome to pop into the parent lounge after drop off on Mondays or  Tuesdays to have a cuppa and meet the Chaplain.

Students at Educational Risk (SAER)

The school has a comprehensive approach for students who may require additional support in developing the academic, social or emotional skills required to be an active and effective member of the community. A focus on early identification for students who need individualised support in one or more areas of development is part of the school’s policy for students at educational risk (SAER). Strategies to support identified students include individualised education plans, the implementation of relevant teaching and learning strategies and ongoing monitoring of student progress.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to be involved in all aspects of their child’s development and are an essential part of supporting students to achieve their full potential. If you are concerned about your child’s progress at school please contact the class teacher and/or the school’s student services team.

Beeliar Primary has an extensive student services team and includes the following staff members:

  • Student Services Manager – Daniel Mort (Deputy Principal)
  • Stand Tall Coordinator – Tracey Rick
  • School Psychologist – Maria Scaramella
  • Aboriginal Education Officer – Marie Lynden