New School Crossing Letter

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As Beeliar Primary School is new to having a Children’s Crossing there is certain information that needs to be communicated.

These are:
· All students and pedestrians will be instructed by the Traffic Warden to wait until the warden gives two short blasts of their whistle before crossing. The Traffic Warden will ensure that all traffic has stopped or are clearly stopping before doing so.
· Students who cycle to/from school will be requested by the Traffic Warden to dismount before entering the carriageway. As bicycles been ridden are deemed to be vehicles and they wish to use a Children’s (Pedestrian) Crossing they need to become a pedestrian and this is also a requirement of the Road Traffic Act.
· Where possible the Traffic Warden will try and group a number of pedestrians before the traffic warden begins to cross them.
This helps the traffic/pedestrian flow to work in cohesion with one another. Otherwise, traffic jams can become a problem.
· The Traffic Warden will stand for the greater part on the side of the road opposite the school in the morning and on the school’s side in the afternoon. This allows them to have greater control of the pedestrians.
· We have arranged for the operating hours to be from 08:00 am – 09:00 am and 14:45 pm – 15:45

We are very grateful to have had a Traffic Warden appointed to help our students arrive and leave school safely.