At Beeliar PS we have a moral purpose to be a school of excellence.  Our Business Plan has three focus areas for improvement; High Academic Achievement, High Quality Teaching and Student Health and Wellbeing.  The strategic direction of the school directly aligns with the Department of Education’s Focus 2020 and Building on Strength documents.  We believe that teachers have the highest effect size on student improvement and we are determined to build teacher capacity and ensure excellence in teaching in every classroom. One of the proudest achievements of Beeliar PS was our 100% score in the Organization Health Index survey 2020 for Shared Vision.  We know we have every staff member on the same page and delivering our whole school programmes with fidelity.  This also ensures that change is easy to manage as we have ‘buy in’ from staff.

As stated in our Business Plan and strategic direction document, developing a distributed leadership team is one of our main priorities.  We have identified three aspirant leaders through the WA Future Leaders Framework and they have been appointed specific leadership portfolios across the school.

The distributed leadership team provide coaching, modelling and classroom support for teachers.  They lead projects throughout the school and are accountable for ensuring our whole school programmes are implemented with fidelity.  The distributed leadership team meet every fortnight to discuss and review our strategic plan.

At Beeliar PS the admin team are dedicated to Developing Others.  This is evident in the Performance Development process and the opportunities provided for staff to take on leadership roles.  The principal and deputy principals mentor aspirant leaders and support their career pathways.  As a result, we had two successful level 3 applications last year and several teachers interested in completing the process this year.

As an admin team we also self-reflect on our leadership and have had access to the 360 Feedback tool for the past three years through Fogarty EDvance.  This reflection has guided our development goals and professional learning. All staff participate in Performance Development and set goals related to the AITSL standards.