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I hope everyone had a great break.  I am pleased to say that we now have two lovely mums that are alternating weeks to help me out in the Canteen on Wednesdays. I have another lovely mum new to the school who is taking time out from work one day a month to help. Laura needs a hand on Mondays as our long-term volunteer isn’t available as often and I am very much in need of an extra hand on a Thursday.

The kids love to see their mum or dad there at the Canteen, they get a great kick out of it and it gives them a sense of importance. It just takes a bit of your time 10am to 1.45pm, once a week/fortnight or month (whatever you can commit to). If you can make sandwiches, put cheese on top of a bun, grate carrots, wash a few dishes and count you would be a great help! We are all VERY lucky to have a canteen that operates all school days; we are a minority in Perth. Most schools only open 2 to 3 days a week due to the lack of support from parents volunteering. It would be awful if we had to reduce the number of operational days at our school. As our way of thanking you for helping us out, you are more than welcome to a complimentary lunch for your child that day. Please call me on 94376594 Tuesday to Friday or pop in and see me.

We start the term off with the news that, unfortunately, Choc Mint milks are no longer available, due to Browne’s no longer making it. Our jelly cups have also been marked RED on the Canteen associations list. I will keep it on for the next few weeks until I can work out a suitable replacement.

Thanks Rosie