School Board Nominations

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The school would like to invite parents to nominate for a vacant position on the School Board. The membership would be for a period of three years. All nominations are to be received by the Principal before 4:00pm Friday 22 September.
School Board members may:
*help monitor, review and evaluate aspects of the school business planning and are aware of the components of the delivery and Performance Agreement;
*endorse the business plan which outlines the key directions of the school;
*endorse the annual school report, annual school budget and student performance targets;
*endorse financial arrangements necessary to fund school objectives, priorities and directions;
*approve charges, contributions and items of personal use (booklists);
*determine in consultation with students, parents and staff, a dress code for students;
*help formulate codes of conduct for students; and
*promote the school in the community.
If you would like to nominate for the school board, please see attached the nomination form or pick up a hard copy from the front office.

School Board Nominations Parent 2017-2019