Early Childhood


In Pre-primary we teach reading following MultiLit’s Foundation program called InitiaLit. InitiaLit is an explicit and systematic teaching program covering phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and oral language skills. Children participate daily in fine motor and gross motor development activities inside and outside the classroom. Our ECE play area is intentionally set up to focus on the fundamental movement skills appropriate to younger children. In classrooms, teachers include fine motor activities such as playdough, tweezer activities and pre-writing tasks.
Teachers use a balanced approach to explicit teaching and play based learning. Explicit instruction is used to introduce new content followed by rotational activities where students apply the new skill. Rotations will often include intentional play based learning areas, craft activities, oral and written tasks.
Aligning with the EYLF we cater for the whole child.  All teachers have high expectations of children’s capabilities. Ensuring  that all children experience pride in their attempts and achievements. We plan and engage with children in a range of experiences where children are active participants and decision makers.  All our teaching and learning experiences value and respond to children’s ideas and their learning is extended through open-ended questions, meaningful interactions and encouraging feedback.

Our wonderful play space in ECE!