TA 7 Assembly

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TA7 did an assembly about the virtue of creativity. We sang a song called “Gotta Keep Reading” and we did some cool actions for the song. I am going to tell you the main parts.
One of the first exciting actions we did was Ella was dressed as a fairy and when the song said “fantasy” Ella jumped out of her spot and tapped ta couple of people with her wand. The kids who got touched with Ella’s wand were very lucky.
The next awesome action we did was Lukasz and Gavin through origami to where Mrs O’Donovan was sitting; we did it on the word “art”. The origami was in the shape of a flower. That was one of my favourite parts.
Another amazing action we did was facts on the word “fact”. Jacob and Harry both put an orange in a bottle which had water in it. One of the oranges had skin on and the other didn’t. The orange with the skin on it floated and the orange with no skin on it sank to the bottom.
The other action we did on fact was a volcano erupting. Clinton and Paul put bi-carb in a glass with a try around it. The glass had water in it before they put the bi-carb in the glass.
The last spectacular action we did was the Spanish dances. Four children were dancing. They were Sophie, Amelia, Georgie and I. I had a super time dancing with my friends.
All through the assembly I felt excited, nervous and happy.
Written by, Aleisha