Spelling Mastery

Years 3-6   

Spelling Mastery is an evidence-based program that utilises Explicit Direct Instruction methods. It is a systematic teaching program that allows teachers to deliver interactive spelling and writing lessons through the use of patterns and rules. Systematic teaching programs, such as Spelling Mastery, follow a logical sequence, ensuring that there are no gaps in the delivery of curriculum content.

Beeliar Primary School trialled Spelling Mastery in our Year 5 classes in 2018 and have since implemented the program in our Year 3-6 classrooms.

Spelling Mastery lessons run for 20 minutes per day and contain weekly reviews to track and monitor student progress. The aim of Spelling Mastery is for students to ‘crack the alphabetic code’ so that they can understand how spelling works and can become proficient writers. Our staff have had ongoing professional development in the delivery of Spelling Mastery from Dr Lorraine Hammond, Associate Professor at the School of Education at Edith Cowan.