All students from Years PP – 6 participate in the Noongar Language Program.

The students partake in an Noongar lesson once a week with Ms Lynden and Mrs Bloomfield. Students work on developing reading, writing and speaking skills in Noongar and learn about aspects of the Aboriginal geography and culture.

National Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week

National Sorry Day is a day to acknowledge the strength of Stolen Generations Survivors and reflect on how Australians can all play a part in the healing process for the people and nation. While this date carries great significance for the Stolen Generations and other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, it is also commemorated by Australians right around the country.

  • In class we have begun to talk about the Stolen Generations – we have read and discussed the book Took the Children Away – Archie Roach
  • All the children are making a flower (see below) we will attach these to trellis and put them up around the school on Sorry Day and Reconciliation Week – Shayna’s assembly

The native hibiscus has been approved by the National Stolen Generations Alliance as the official symbol for Sorry Day. According to the Kimberley Stolen Generations Aboriginal Corporation, the native hibiscus “was adopted because it is found widely across Australia and it is a survivor. Its colour denotes compassion and spiritual healing.”


And last but certainly not least Moorditj Koolangka Wadi (Strong Kids Club) will be starting again – WOOLA!!

  • Tuesdays 3-4 Noongar Waangkaniny classroom