Stand Tall


Stand Tall is a whole of school philosophy defining behaviours and virtues that students, staff and parents at Beeliar Primary School observe.  Stand Tall is the way we carry ourselves with pride and strength of character as we learn and play at school and interact with the community.  It is the way we treat each other with respect, being a responsible citizen who shows consideration and compassion to others and the environment.


Our purpose is to empower students to reach their potential and strive for academic excellence, to Stand Tall in the face of life’s challenges, to successfully contribute to society and to find purpose, meaning and happiness in life.

Beeliar Primary School Code Of Conduct

 Educational excellenceCitizenshipEmpowermentSpirit
  • We aim for high standards of achievement
  • We are critical and creative thinkers
  • We are innovative and active learners
  • We are determined to reach our goals
  • We support everyone’s right to learn
  • We follow instructions the first time
  • We use good manners
  •  We believe we can be successful
  • We set goals and strive to achieve them
  • We persevere through challenges
  • We celebrate our uniqueness
  • We enjoy each other’s success
  • We work as a team
  • We are passionate and ambitious learners
  • We follow instructions the first time
  • We show respect  to  everyone
  • We include others in our games
  • We keep our hands and feet to our self
  • We are resilient and flexible
  • We show courage when faced with challenges
  • We demonstrate sportsmanship
  • We take turns and share equipment
  • We find joy in play
  • We celebrate achievement
  • We show gratitude and manners
  • We demonstrate respectful audience behaviour
  • We demonstrate pride in our achievements
  • We find joy in being together as a community
  • We participate enthusiastically
  • We demonstrate integrity and the Stand Tall way
  • We value diversity and the uniqueness of our school community
  • We are responsible and contributing members of society
  • We are respectful and show good manners
  • We value our place in the Beeliar community
  • We are confident and independent
  • We are proud of our Aboriginal culture and heritage
  • We help others in need by showing compassion and kindness
  • We demonstrate gratitude