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Prac Students

Beeliar Primary School supports the continuous development of Pre-service teachers at our school. If you are a Pre-service teacher and would like to complete your practicum at our school, we encourage your institution to get in contact with us through this email address:beeliar.ps@education.wa.edu.au . We also encourage those seeking Work Experience to contact us on this email and we will endeavour to find a placement for you.

Schrole Cover

Beeliar Primary School uses Schrole Cover when booking relief Teachers and Education Assistants. If you would like to undertake relief work at Beeliar Primary School, please download the Schrole Cover App and register following the recommended steps. (Attached Schrole Cover apply to join) Once registered, you can search for Beeliar Primary School and send a digital request to join our relief list. Please note that new relief staff WILL NOT be added to our list until we have viewed copies of the following documents on Schrole.

  • Current Working With Children Check Card
  • TRBWA Registration details and expiry dates
  • DoE Screening Number
  • Current CV and/or Cover Letter with all contact and banking details
  • E Number with number entered as the Certificate number.


Further Information

Schrole Cover-Apply to Join WA Schools